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Application essay helps the admissions committee see you as one of a kind person. It gives you the chance to stand out from the crowd, so you should make every effort to guarantee that the essay reflects your character and stellar qualities. If you write about yourself honestly, interestingly, and fascinatingly, your chances of being accepted will increase significantly, while a poor essay will limit your opportunities.

Advice on Creating the Best Application Essay by Yourself

In order to write an application essay successfully, everyone needs to understand the specifics of this type of work first. Such an essay is a little different from what you used to write at school. There are a few differences, but they are significant.

So, how can one write a proper essay to impress the committee? There are two ways of doing it – writing it by yourself, or buying an application essay online from specialists. First, let’s talk about individual work.
First, there will be less time for the opening essay (a maximum of four hours), and the volume of the essay itself will be less. Also, the examiner will look very closely at competent language, grammar, and make sure there is a clear structure. Here is some advice on creating a good and thorough application essay for any university:

• Make sure that your essay has a clear topic, make a plan and write a draft
• Answer any questions that the theme suggests and justify your statements
• Work on the introduction – it should be clever and original
• Write legibly, honestly and confidently, make sure your essay is easy to read
• Explain your thoughts consistently, clearly and concisely
• Tell the teachers why you decided to apply to this university/program, list your skills and shortcomings – but don’t make excuses
• Re-read your essay at least two or three times, ask someone to proofread it if possible

The key to a successful application essay lies in the tranquility and knowledge gained. You will help yourself by training in writing essays at home. Set a timer for four hours – and try to create a work on various topics. Experience shows that a couple of weeks of hard work is enough for a person with an average ability to create a decent application essay that will receive a passing grade.

Writing a Professional Application Essay: A Detailed Manual

For those of you who are not still sure of your ability to do a good job, we’ve composed a detailed and thorough manual, with some advice for every step.

Step One: Decide on a Topic

The first thing you need to do before writing an application essay is to select an academic topic. When choosing a topic, the main thing you need to keep in mind is that an essay without convincing arguments will be evaluated at zero points. Therefore, don’t choose a topic that you won’t be able to come up with an argument for that will confirm your point of view on the problem.

Step Two: Define the Main Question

The topic of your piece must have a question or a problem in it. Define it in the first two or three sentences. When you identify an issue, you need to think about how it affects you, others, as well as all of humanity. There are two ways one can state the issue: as a question or as an assertion. If you have trouble with this part of the assignment, check any application essay online and take a look at how it’s done.

Step Three: Formulate Your Thesis

Any admissions committee of any university in the USA will take a close look at this part of your work. The thesis is an idea that you will justify in your essay. In order not to drift from the topic, make sure to stick to the initial position, and answer the original question.

Step Four: Write Down Your Plan

Remember: your application essay should contain an introduction, the definition of a problem (or a question), your arguments, and your position as an author, and a conclusion. Only an essay written like this will be approved in universities or study programs of the USA. The plan is to outline a sequence of your thoughts, your arguments, and evidence. The first draft may contain individual thoughts. A detailed plan may resemble a summary that describes the ideas of the introductory and concluding parts, quotes, details, and logical transitions between the parts.

Step Five: Work with a Draft

There are various ways of working with the draft. Some students have become accustomed to writing the text entirely in the draft and then editing it and transferring it to a blank page. Others prefer to work with every part on its own: first, write a finished fragment of the draft and then, after editing, transfer it to the blank page.

Step Six: Re-read Your Essay

If you have someone to proofread your work for you – it’s the best way to correct yourself. However, if no one is around, give yourself a break and re-read the essay on the following day. Double-checking will save you from stupid typos and potential logical errors that you might miss due to fatigue.

When the Deadline Is Coming: Buying an Application Essay Online in the USA

Sometimes there are days when you cannot write at all – your brain is collapsing, and your thoughts are running away. But what should you do if the deadline is one or two days away, and worthwhile thoughts are not coming to mind? In this situation, it might be worth considering buying an application essay from a specialized agency.
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However, there are thousands of services online, and each one promises a good price and high-quality work. Which one should you trust your essay to? How do you choose the right agency and get the job done quickly and efficiently?

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Final Thoughts on Application Essays

Summing up our tips on writing a required assignment, here are some of the essential things that will definitely help you to succeed:

• Good knowledge of the fiction and literary-critical works required by the program
• Understanding the nature of the problem, being able to analyze it in the right form and content, while using different sources for analysis
• The ability to think logically and present the results of your analysis in a good literary language and style
• A reasoned statement of your own attitude towards the subject, manifestation of aesthetic taste, and philological culture

Any essay (and especially when entering an institution of higher learning) is a kind of self-advertisement. You have to convince teachers that you are smart, knowledgeable, and able to think logically – so that you will be accepted into the ranks of students! However, it is difficult to prove to a stranger that you are a solvent and an educated person using only dry words on paper.
That’s why it is so important to do your best when writing these types of specialized assignments. And if you can’t do it yourself for some reason – do not lose heart! Remember about our agency: we are always ready to come to your aid, even at the last moment.